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Classification of Solar Plants


A Complete turnkey solutions

Primotech Solar is a leading System Integrator with a wealth of experience and significant track record in the field of solar photovoltaic energy and power system . Primotech Solar offers complete solution for top solar power systems that can be used in industrial and commercial applications anywhere in India.

Roof Top Solar Grid Interactive Systems

Solar grid interactive system are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement and are suitable for industrial commercial and residential applications anywhere in the world. It can be designed from 5KW to 500KW capacities or even larger depending on requirement and need.

A grid connected / Interactive system is connected to a large independent grid (typically the public electricity grid) and feeds power into the system and grid without battery back-up. However it can be customized to include small battery bank to provide buffer and control flexibility to allow optimum use of the renewable energy source without jeopardizing the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer.

Major Components :

·  Crystalline PV Modules.

·  Grid interactive inverters (with grid synchronization)


Bi-directional inverters / Power conditioning units.

Battery bank.

·  Mounting Structures

·  Array junction boxes and DC combiner boxes

·  Required protection devices like Earthing Kit, Lighting protection etc.

·  AC Distribution panel.

·  Energy Meter.

·  Monitoring system (SCADA)

Roof Top Solar Off-grid System

Solar off-grid systems (standalone systems ) are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement with the help of battery banks where electricity is not frequently available and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications anywhere in India or abroad. It can be designed from 1KW to 100KW capacities or even larger depending on requirement and need.

Energy storage system consists of a bi-directional inverter that can charge or discharge a battery bank. The system can supply electricity from Grid and Solar Panels. Battery bank can run the system to meet desired back up hours at designed load. This capacity of the system can convert for the sudden loss of PV in the system. The Battery bank also allows excess solar energy to be stored and used later on when required.

Off-grid PV Projects :

Off-grid solar PV projects are a boon in remote and rural areas that are not connected to the grid but are in dire need of energy.

These projects are aimed at the following Rural infrastructure segments: rural banking, health clinics, educational institutions and agriculture (pumps for irrigation).

Off-grid solar PV also finds application in telecom infrastructure where it can be used to generate energy for base transceiver stations (BTS) and other telecom infrastructure.

Solar PV Roof Tops :

Solar PV Rooftops facilitate carbon emission reduction and also the saving of diesel in gensets. Moreover, these are commercially viable as 80% accelerated depreciation is applicable in the 1st year itself. Solar PV Rooftops are a game charger as they convert unutilized idling rooftops into clean energy producing assets.

Hybrid Solutions :

Solar PV Hybrid Solutions work in tandem with grid or DG sets or both thereby saving expensive diesel in Gensets and reducing carbon footprint. Solar PV Power is totally clean with no emission, no combustion, no wear & tear and substitutes expensive diesel genset kWh by relatively economic solar kWh.

Operation & Maintenance :

We offer customized O&M solutions for different sites across the country with following advantages:

·  Real time monitoring

·  Preventive maintenance that maximizes plant uptime.

·  Ensures high energy efficiency thereby high energy yield.