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For Solar Why Us ?


Commissions and executes solar projects of any proportion on a turnkey basis and as per the customized specifications of its clients.

Experienced Team

Primotech has a team of skilled and experienced engineers with profound solar design experience. Primotech’s Solar Division is staffed with experienced Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineers who undertake detailed engineering of solar PV Power plants on behalf of EPC Contractors and vetting of drawings for Project Developers and investors. Primotech also ensures that the company as well as its team , follow the best practices and standards that fully comply with all global norms.

Consultancy :

Primotech also provides consultancy in preparation of the Detailed project Report. We provide assistance in facilitating PPA and liaison for REC Registration.

Financial Modeling :

As part of the project Engineering and Consultancy, Primotech provides its customers with financial models showing returns of the project and financial benefits of the system chosen. The model shows returns over the life of the project along with highlighting other benefits such as Accelerated Depreciation and others.

Quality Procurements:

Over the years, Primotech built a very strong relationship by offering the best quality at the best price to its clients and thereby bringing down the overall project costs.

Timely Execution of Projects

Primotech enjoys a reputation for timely execution of the projects without any loopholes. The company’s highly trained and experienced execution engineers and a dynamic regular reporting methodology allow the company to identify areas of improvement to subsequently make amends and keep up with a set schedule.

Operations and Maintenance ( O&M ) Services

To ensure highest yields and project life cycle profits from the operation of the PV power plant and to minimize the payback period of the power plant, the optimum operational performance of the plant is absolutely essential for the entire life of the plant.

Through Operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts, Primotech Solar assists investors to optimize the operational performance of their PV plant by providing continuous services which lead to eliminating losses, reducing operational and maintenance costs, and maximizing yields and profits. Primotech thereby becomes the guarantor of the regular and long term operation of your PV plant. Our O&M service is otherwise defined as the 3M services that includes:

Monitor: Continuous monitoring of the comprehensive performance and yield through our proprietary web based data acquisition system that is capable of providing real-time reports, daily reports on production, analysis of statistical data, diagnostics,  historical production are essential to minimize equipmen t/plant downtime or under performance.

Maintain: Continuous customer service, trouble shooting, commissioning and training of operation staff, provide components and spare parts, plant security (physical and automated surveillance system), maintain and upkeep of PV plants (washing PV arrays, cleaning inverters, DC / AC switches, etc., ) is paramount to the uninterrupted output of PV plant .

Management: Continuous accommodation of nonstop data storage, central management, provision of integrated reports and invoicing, administration of yields, identify issues pertaining to grid interconnect, support multiple vendor equipment, monitor operational hours and schedule inspections, maintenance, service, maintain plan security.

Why we are different ?

·  Customized solar panels with higher efficiency

·  We provide complete solar solutions for all applications.

·  Offer cost-effective solar power generation models contribute in saving the earth.