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Solar Solutions

Primotech Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is led by a team of an experienced expertise and professional researchers, engineers and employees, all motivated for promoting solar technology.

The company is leaving no stones unturned in bringing the best minds together for developing newer solar technologies, products, monitoring software etc. to bring about a solar revolution that shall change the face of the solar industry forever!

Primotech recognizes that there is not even a single solution that can fix the varying complex energy needs of emerging markets and is therefore deploying the most advanced, proven technology solutions available to fit the unique characteristics of each individual or community.

This is where solar power solutions, whether individual home lighting systems or village-level micro-grids can provide the solution which is simple, immediate, and cost-effective. It goes without saying that without electricity, large parts of rural India are literally living in darkness even today. 

To encourage, develop and promote solar power generation in the region with a view to meet the growing demand for power in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.

To promote the Off-Grid Solar applications to meet the power needs on stand-alone basis.

To contribute to overall economic development, employment generation and improvement in public services by provision of electrical energy for various needs.

Off-Grid Systems From Primotech Solar:

  • Solutions for Facilities
  • Sector Specific Solutions
  • Solar Water Heating Systems

Commercial Solutions:
Solar is not only good for the environment, but can also help to reduce the growing expenses associated with energy produced by traditional fossil fuels. As a result, solar energy has evolved from a mere alternative to a competitive source of energy. Depending on the installation, rooftop solar systems can supply owners with most or all of their annual electricity needs, all while offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Ultra functional efficient utility of renewable green energy is the objective of Primotech Energy Solutions. From the basic point, self-developed cutting-edge products and in-time services as carriers, Primotech dedicates itself to improving solar PV system or renewable energy solutions, until the clean and high efficient green energy become widespread world widely!

Research & Analysis:
The differences between the regions and specific installation environments, ask scientific research and objective analysis on residential, commercial systems. Primotech always communicates with solar end-users positively, considering the scientific objective research as the basis of high efficient PV systems.

Primotech integrated customization technologies to our solar PV solutions. Based on leading-edge performances, the solar products could be modified or customized according to specific demands, to satisfy kinds of harsh environments, or to best performances.

Currently, We are focusing more on Solar lanterns, Solar Home Lightning systems (SHLS), Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Street Lighting Systems, mainly for rural masses and urban localities.

A comprehensive range of Energy Saving Products. Explore the splendid range of Solar Products which is Eco-friendly and cost effective at PRIMOTECH SOLAR SOLUTIONS !!