Primo Tech Energy

Why Primotech LED ??

Primotech is a brand you can trust.

Primotech is focused on LED lighting and are committed to offering quality engineered products, unparalleled service, and limited warranty plans.

We will assist you in developing a lighting design that meets your specific needs, to meet a range of application that are ideal for commercial and architectural applications. With our wide range of LED lamps and luminaries that meet the highest standards in efficiency and functionality, we are committed to making this the prominent technology with outstanding aesthetics. The right lighting for your application. That’s what we do.

What makes us different ?

·  A large range of lighting products covering almost every practical application and aspect

·  Legendary quality Retrofit solutions

·  In-house design and R & D team for continual improvement in performance and cost.

·  Fast expanding and easily accessible through a network of dealers throughout India

·  Experienced and dedicated team (Lighting designers, R & D, technical team and sales & support team)

Colours / Colour Tempearture :

Warm White  – 2,500 To 3,000K

Neutral White –  4,000 K

Cool White  – 6000 To 6,500 k

The range of LED Indoor and Outdoor lights is quite wide and the quality is of superior most. This range of LED lights offer the opportunity to provide the light required for security and access visibility with class and individuality.

Our relentless efforts in designing energy-efficient products, makes Primotech a name you can trust.

As a brand that has always believes in quality and innovation, we strive to make our products progressively eco-friendly. We offer you a solution that meets the premier quality standards and ensures maximum energy savings.


With the background technology of solar and LEDs, Primotech derives its strengths from the following technical aspects:

Thermal Management of LEDs: Although LEDs (Power LEDs) have a stated life of 50,000 hours. If the heat dissipation is not well managed, it drastically reduces the life, hence thermal management of LEDs is an area where Primotech has focused to make the product much more reliable and differentiated. We choose the right size, area, orientation and material for heat sinks, as well as design the fixture to ensure proper heat dissipation and consequently high durability of the system.

LED Driver / Controller: The controller / Driver forms the heart of entire system. The reliability and efficiency of this electronics is the sky for overall product reliability. Feature like high efficiency, power factor correction, magnetic isolation modularity of strings, voltage fluctuation tolerances etc. are built-in to make the product much more reliable than any other available controller / driver.

Optics: Optical use of asymmetrical optics is very important features of our streetlights to be make them suitable for roadway applications. The light falls in a rectangular fashion (and not circular) to ensure only the road is lit and not areas outside the road, thus making the most efficient usage of available light.

Aesthetics: The look and feel of the streetlight fitting and the overall aesthetical value is strength of our product design.

Technical Lighting

·  Exterior / Street lighting.

·  Workplace and factory lighting.

·  Architectural , commercial and construction lighting.

·  Sports arena, garden and public area lighting.


Excellent performance   :  With best quality LEDs

Low maintenance  :  Long Life of upto 50,000 hrs.

Excellent Thermal management   :  Ideal heat dissipation with good heat sink

Reduces power consumption  :  Saves lighting and HVAC load with energy efficient LED products

Instant start  :  Safe instantaneous light output

High luminous efficacy  :   Good system efficacy with least losses

Lower ownership cost  :  Can achieve lower payback period with maintenance free LED products

Better colour rendering :  Excellent visual perception even in dark thus ideal for CCTV

In Progress : LEED certification  -  Contains green lighting with no UV/IR radiations and causes no light pollution

Let’s make the planet a better & greener to live in ..........