Primo Tech Energy

Led Solutions

Primotech Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading electronics company which  specialises in LED  lighting and electronic power supply accessories for Residential , Commercial and Industrial use.

Keeping in view the huge potential in this segment of Indian market, we have come-up with a brand “Primo Glow ’, introducing an almost complete range of energy-saver solutions having its strong techno-commercial characteristics.

With quality products, innovative designs, and reliable services, we at PRIMOTECH have confidence in our quest to be listed among the best companies in the “green” lighting industry.

The team at PRIMOTECH ENERGY SOLUTIONS have been researching LED lighting over a period of years to ensure the technology is as good and as reliable as needed for our market.

With a background in electrical installation projects our interest in innovative solutions drives us to seek out these products and bring them to the market in a timely and cost effective manner.

This has led us to commercial and office lighting solutions for the replacement of traditional lighting systems. The savings are 50 - 60%  more as compared to that of traditional lighting.

With a focus on quality, reliability and service, it is our goal to work with  individuals through to companies and governments to make a difference to our environment and to the client's bottom line.

There are many benefits of LED Lighting Systems:

  • Minimum energy running costs
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Longer life
  • Environmentally sound investment
  • Reduced carbon footprint 

LED advantages:

·  LED lights have a long life over 12 years (Over 50,000 burning years)

·  LED lights gives out the better light output as other lights.

·  LED lights are innovative and cutting edge technology products.

·  LED lights are ideal to be used in place of high intensity discharge lamps like HPSV, MV,  MH and other conventional lights

·  LED lights are maintenance free light

·  LED lights are having auto dimming for further power saving

·  LED lights can be given with networked lighting solution

·  LED lights are dust proof and water proof

·  LED lights gives reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

·  LED lights are Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly and mercury free.