Primo Tech Energy

Strategic Consulting

Primotech Solar Consulting Services:

At Primotech, we are passionate about renewable energy. We strive to excel in providing our clients with superior analysis and tailor-made solar consulting services. At Primotech we can provide in-depth consulting services that assist you in developing and applying the best solar solutions for your premises.

Through consulting, process management, test design and education, we help you utilize the right methods and procedures for your premises.. We work closely with you to create a trust tailored to your needs. We help you gain confidence and foresight into your product's life-cycle.

Engineering Services

·  Feasibility assessment & detailed Project reports (DPRs)

·  Technology selection and basic design

·  Preparation of detailed bill of Quantity (BOQ) and technical specifications of equipments for solar plant including project cost estimation

·  Detailed Design & Engineering for complete project

Project Management Services (Owner’s Engineers Services)

·  Project planning

·  Site supervision

·  Quality Control and Assurance

·  Pre Commissioning and Post Commissioning Services

·  Including design review, onsite supervision, quality assurance

Our consultants provide you with clarity and structure on various parameters: like to develop customized strategies and specific business models in close cooperation with your team.

Our energy services focus on key elements:

·  Meeting the demands with latest technologies that enable the capture and transfer of energy especially from solar.

·  Our expertise will guide you through every aspect, ensuring that regulations are met, safety is considered at every stage and environmental impact is limited.

·  All of our solar energy-related services can be used on a standalone basis or to augment your existing working processes and methodologies.

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Energy & Carbon Management

Gain competitive advantage and sustainability by reducing your energy costs, consumption and risk.

In today's volatile energy market, energy consumers are faced with many challenges:

  • Price levels and market volatility are constantly threatening profitability
  • Reducing energy use through cost effective efficiency initiatives is critically important
  • Sustainable business drivers are increasingly prevalent and are defining a more competitive, transparent business environment
  • Corporate energy data is often disorganized and unable to be leveraged to support important decisions.

Green and Energy Efficient Buildings

Achievement of green ratings (LEEDs) for multiple entities.