Primo Tech Energy


PRIMOTECH is a strategic solar consulting company founded in 2013 and based in East Delhi - India.

We offer  strategic consulting services to the households, industries and other establishments through an analytical and up-to-date research approach on the Indian solar market.

Our strategic consulting expertise lies in assisting clients in the field of renewable energy, especially solar energy. We combine strong subject specific knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach, and bring together the financial, technical, socio-economic, regulatory and entrepreneurial aspects of business. We develop viable, successful and customized solutions, strategies and specific opportunities that are adapted to the Indian market.

Project Engineering & Design

Based on the needs and requirements of our clients and supplemented by the feasibility study, system design and engineering is performed by Primotech. Herein, the best solar architecture is developed, with eyes keenly fixed on achieving the finest solution.

Our systems are complemented with the best components from top manufacturers around the globe. These components are thoroughly tested and verified and are packed with attractive product guarantees and warranties.

Realization by Primotech includes logistics, planning & installation of the Solar Systems. By thorough planning, Primotech guarantees minimal interruption and inconveniences during installation. An ensemble of our technical team and system installers performs these tasks .

Primotech also offers maintenance and monitoring options for our clients. These services could include remote monitoring of the system status along with regular on-site system maintenance based on customer requirements.



Primotech team of experts offer guidance in everything from complying with environmental regulations to assessing environmental performance.

We support you with expert consultants, and a comprehensive range of Solar based consulting services. Minimize your impact on the environment and meet your regulatory obligations.

Primotech is one of the leading consultants and system integrators for Solar Power Plants both in commercial as well as residential markets. Primotech installs KW scale solar rooftop systems on a turnkey basis.

Primotech is also an ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004  certified company and houses a confident team of professionals who deliver expert advice and services to the company‚Äôs clients for their projects and installations.

To discuss how we can help you improve your environmental footprint, contact us today at : [email protected]