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Green Energy Funds & CSR :

Energy Efficiency

The concept of energy efficiency includes various levels of planning, design, construction and maintenance leading to a sustainable and energy efficient regime.

 The introduction of energy audit and design of energy efficient buildings by : site planning, heights, from construction and energy controls, heat recovery, landscape, opening design, furnishings etc. are the critical considerations.

Load management techniques and energy accounting should be adopted.

Non-conventional energy sources like solar energy etc., should be used for street lighting, lighting at public spaces, open areas, traffic signals, hoardings, etc.

·  Solar energy should be encouraged for all units with floor area of more than 300 sq m.

·  Compulsory Solar Integration for public advertising, lighting in open areas, public utilities, streets, etc.

·  As alternate mandatory arrangement during power cuts to replace generators etc.

·  Incentivizing energy savings and use of energy efficient gadgets.

·  Public awareness, capacity building and training.

Industry Specific Services:

PRIMOTECH  offers a great many of industry specific services. We know that companies in specific industries are looking for solutions that address their special needs. We take you by the hand and answer your questions. Please contact us for tailor made solutions !!!!

Education and Training:

•   Seminars
•   Workshops
•   In-House Programs
•   Technical Conferences

With respect to home lighting & off-grid segment, Primotech has focused activities in line with its mission.
•   To reduce monthly electricity bills for the consumers by means of supplementation through solar power.

•   To reduce the monthly expenditure of low to middle end consumers on Kerosene .
•   To provide reliable power during peak hours & also during hours of power failure to the consumers in the summer months.
•   To enable students in the rural and urban area to have uninterrupted power.

•   To provide mobile lighting system as well as emergency light kits to the rural & urban consumers.

•   Focus on Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Lighting, Mini Power Packs for small business units and domestic urban upper middle class housing