Primo Tech Energy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Primotech Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is involved in the research, and popularization of solar applied products and technology, implement “To provide affordable green energy for all” by practicable products, achieving the low-carbon life and green energy.

We’re committed to positive social and environmental change.

We have received Quality System, Environment Safety, Social Responsibility and some other Authoritative Certifications.

Solar Products Scope: Solar Home System, Solar Lighting Kits, Solar Lighting Kits, Solar Lighting series such as Solar Street Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Lawn Lamps, Solar Emergency Lights, and Solar Pumping System and varieties of latest solar applied products.

Market Field: The products are designed for the area without electricity and lack of electricity, and suitable for the remote area, island, border posts and Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America market, etc..

Market vision: To guide the solar products into the tens of thousands of households.

We welcome strategic partnerships ….

Looking Forward:
We will be pursuing arrangements for Technical Cooperation, Technical Tie-Ups and Supply Arrangements with companies based in Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Korea, China, India. Also looking for Joint Venture Partners in the off-grid applications of Solar.

A significant element of our Business Plan envisages working together with local Governments to provide Clean-tech / Renewable Energy solutions to facilitate comprehensive development of remote areas – covering education, employment, irrigation facilities, improved agricultural output, and so on – all leading to sustainable, all round development.

Our role as an organization would be to train the local population to educate, train  and provide post sales support. We do feel that this entire concept can be built into a model that makes Business Sense from a commercial perspective, provides local employment opportunities, serves an important social purpose, and finally, is self sustaining in nature as well.

Our Motto:
We always realize how important the environment and energy conservation are going to be these days. That is the reason why we make full effort to develop our products and services for better life, quality, and adequacy of energy use.

Holistic Approach:
Primotech  believes in corporate citizenship and has a long term commitment to making a meaningful Social Investment by driving initiatives in Education, Livelihood, Civic Development and the Environment.

Sky is the limit:
PRIMOTECH ENERGY SOLUTIONS  is making enterprise-wide efforts to meet the government’s green growth and CO2-reducing policies and to become a Leader of the development of green technology, in R&D and quality improvement.