Primo Tech Energy

Energy Consulting Services

Our Solar energy consultant is primarily concerned in helping a customer to understand the various energy options that are available, identify the options that will provide the type and amount of energy required, and then help the client  to secure that energy at the most cost-effective price possible. This often means spending some time with the customer to assess his or her needs, then research energy options, and finally present the recommended options to the client.

We also supervise the installation of any new solar equipment that is involved with the implementation of the new energy services. This makes it possible to guarantee the installation is done in accordance with the contract reached between the company and the customer, and that adequate training and orientation is provided to those who will actively manage the energy source at the customer's end.

Technology and Market Investment Analysis:
Primotech Energy provides in-depth analysis to individuals and organizations that are considering investing in solar technology. Our team maintains finest quality installation cost models designed specifically to assist clients with their technology needs.

Primotech integrated approach includes:

  • Solar project financing, management and business planning
  • Design and technical advisory for rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems
  • Component (modules, inverters) technical assessments
  • Performance verifications and optimisation

Certified Expert Professionals

Primotech has come up with a professional and highly-qualified team with tremendous experience in the green energy sector to deliver advanced customized solutions to meet client expectations.

Bankable, Innovative, and Reliable Solutions

Our technical expertise is our strength to develop the perfect solution in challenging markets for our customers in their budgets. Our team is innovative and updated with latest market trends to deliver reliable green power solutions.