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Primotech Energy promises to deliver operational excellence through the support of dedicated teamwork, ingenious professionals and a very positive, transparent and dynamic work environment.

Terms and conditions :

1 All the luminaire prices are inclusive of LED light source and Driver.

2 Local levies and taxes as applicable will be extra.

3. Prices & Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

4. Warranty: Optical Parts: 2 years Electrical Parts : 2 years

  For warranty terms and conditions in detail, refer to our authorised trade partner.

5. The prices list supercedes all earlier prices lists.

6. Disputes, if any, will be subject to New Delhi Jurisdiction only.

Maintenance contract :

The maintenance contract includes a yearly inspection or online check, on a date agreed upon in advance with the customer, to make sure that each single component is in perfect working order.

Quality checks are performed once a year and include a general overhaul and replacement of any worn or critical parts to prevent the risk of future malfunctioning. Detailed records are kept of all work that is performed and any repairs are noted in the service report.

Periodical maintenance is always recommended, as this can help to prevent faults and thus avoid machine downtimes that result in energy production shortfalls.

Warranty Extension Contract:

The extended warranty gives you the chance to extend the manufacturer’s warranty. This cover offer the best value for money, as it includes additional assistance, even after the end of the warranty period. All you have to do is call and get your product registered


The contract includes an emergency service following receipt of the written request for technical assistance.

Primotech Solar Service Centre

Primotech provides after-sales service through its dedicated team of in-house technicians.

Please visit the website as or contact the Primotech sales network for details about your nearest service centre.

WARRANTY terms and conditions:

Products to be crosschecked in acse of any technical glitch , it  must be returned in its original packaging. Client will bear all costs relating to the materials and transport charges in order to replace all or part of the cabinet.

In case of assistance provided directly by our technical staff, work may be performed at Primotech’s works or on-site at the customer’s premises. Primotech guarantees assistance within a short time of receiving the written request.