Primo Tech Energy

Job Description - THIRD


A.)  Position : ASST. MANAGER – TENDERS (  SOLAR & LED )

Exp.: 2 years and above.

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description :


o  To formulate strategies for bidding in public and private tenders and rate contracts.

o  Preparing tenders in hard copy and on-line (E-tendering) basis.

o  To submit tenders and attend tender opening  . Drafting of various Office Letters, Follow-up and Submission of E-Tenders.

o  To contact  new potential  clients, conduct regular meetings and follow-ups and to give Presentations to the  clients .

o  Preparation of tender pre-qualification documents by understanding the company (client) profile and scope of work .

o  Complete understanding of Tenders with respect to scope of work, pricing schedule and non-material requirement. Estimation and evaluation of tenders, proposals, quotations, contracts, supply and purchase agreements. 

Receive Tenders from different organizations and prepare its Summary report/ tender compliance sheet, QFB (Query for Bidding) and designing of required system as per tender and technical information to be submitted along with tender.

o  Collect tenders and enquiries for Turn Key Project execution and Commissioning Projects.

o  Should be proficient in: Application to Tenders , schemes related to subsidy .


Tender preparation & compilation (i.e technical bid and financial bid) for filling of government/ semi government tenders etc. (i.e e-tender, e-procurement, online filling, online bidding).

o  To participate inTender,documentation,costingby preparing BOM, offers / Quotations in hard copy.

o  Knowledge of preparing the bid document and preparing the requests for bid bonds, keeping full record of govt. commercial certificates and preparing the pricing schedules by doing internal calculation sheets.

o  To re-check and re-verify quantities for finalization of contracts, as may be required.

To prepare technical submission and documentation, as may be required for submission to clients and consultants. To Draft & finalize bid offer letters, submit revised price, carry out clarifications etc.

o  Capable of preparing the Bid Offers with proper technical specifications as per the  work in close coordination with all concerned departments including Execution, Procurement, Planning and Technical office Department.

o  Thorough understanding of quotations with respect to technical, commercial and tender’s contractual requirements.

§  Estimation and Costing, Preparation of Techno-Commercial Bids and documentation, Techno-commercial negotiations order finalization and other Pre-order correspondence etc. 


§  PreparationofDPRforGovt. tenderprojectslikeSECIbids.

§  Capable of attending and leading the Pre-bid & Post-bid clarification meetings.

§  Technical Selling : Preparing Techno-commercial documents for solar  and LED solutions  like ROI sheets ,USP sheets etc.


§  Documentation work and follow up with government or non- government officials in respect of tenders for proper and timely submission of tenders.

§  Should be good in handling interpersonal relationships, meet MNRE officials , Nodal agencies and other government officials .

§  Should be proficient in : Payment collection, Whole selling process , excellent negotiation skills


§  Having on-going relationships at MNRE, Project Developers, Architects, Consultants, Project Owners, Telecom, NGO’s, Defence and State Nodal agencies (Government agencies promoting and managing Solar Policy / Business in India). Knowledgeon differentGovernmentpoliciesin solarenergyandtheir implementation in differentstates for upcoming smart cities too.

§  How to avail government certifications like MNRE for different products and getting the requisite approvals for different capacity of projects too.

§  Should maintain a healthy relationship with various ministries – Central , state , bodies of ministries , corporations ,autonomous bodies , PSU , MNRE, IREDA , DST , Government Ministries like Power , Environment , Energy and many more which may have a requirement for Solar and LED.

§  Should contact them for more : Contracts , Yojanas , Incentives , Subsidies , Soft Loans for target clients.


Exp.: 3 years and above..

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics) cum MBA (International Business) , relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description :


·  Should have a sound knowledge of International Investment.

·  Export Turnover as percentage of Gross Sales should increase per month .

·  Free Trade Agreements with multiple entities.

·  Export Markets : Global Market Coverage  but especially in power deficient nations in Asia , Africa.

·  Should be proficient to conduct Market research (primary and secondary) .

·  International Pricing strategies so as to attain International Marketing Objective. Involved in acquiring new International Clients.

·  To take care of all inquiries received from the overseas customers and try best to convert them into the orders.


·  Export Ambitions ( Market research , product and process adaptation , promotion )

·  Export Procedures , documentation , freight forwarders , customs clearances ,bill of lading , bill of exchange.

·  Various tie ups for planning , pricing , promotion , distribution .

·  Taking care of documentation part for export  and handling technical issues.


Exporting : Through Internet , Exporter , Importer , Distributor , Direct Sales

Contractual Agreements : Licensing , Franchising

Strategic Alliances : Joint Venture , Consortia

Direct Investment : Ownership , Channels 


·  Should be proficient to negotiate with middlemen , laws and regulations , legal protection , 2010 Inco terms , export documentation ,bill of lading , AR form , shipping bills .

·  Should be responsible for expansion in Global – Bottom of Pyramid  especially in Asia , Africa.

·  Documentation  required for customs : Letter of Credit , Insurance certificate , GR forms – exports (soft ex form ), parcel (post parcel form ), statutory declaration form , packaging list , Invoice. 

·  Take care of smooth execution of all the export orders. To assist visiting foreign customers & generation of new leads.


Exp.: 2 years and above..

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics)cum MBA (Marketing ) or relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description :


·  All wrt B2B and B2C should be planned and executed which in turn should increase sales exponentially. 4 A’s and 7P’s should be applied.

  • Assist Product Managers in effective Media and event planning to ensure optimum media mix to generate tactical level advertisements.
  • Ensure generation of adequate enquiries for the product , to monitor and to improve the conversion rate of the same into prospects.

·  Should be well versed in strategy formulation related to advertising , marketing and increasing visibility.

·  To be an expert in marketing types : Bulk mail , Industrial , Trade , Institutional

·  To implement various strategies and action plans for : customer Intimacy and engagement  by highlighting Competitive advantages ( USP ) of Primotech.

·  To launch various campaigns at different locations like : education , safety , Health ,environment , rural development and many more….


·  Should be capable to establish web presence, to advertise the products and services by managing campaigns on social media , B2B portals. Promoting events to help make the company’s presence known in the market place in the best economical manner .

·  Increasing visibility by Online Sources like : Online brochures , catalogues , blogs , e newsletter , webinars , PR , bulk email , SMS marketing , content marketing ,Scribd , Slideshare , Online contests , after sale customer surveys , Inbound marketing , Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) , Social Media Optimization (SMO ) like – ( Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook , Google Plus , YouTube ) , Website Updation in the best possible way , Mobile App  for Primotech products and for Refer & Earn programme .

·  To set up a digital marketing platform in the best possible way so as to have bulk online booking for multiple Solar products .To set up an ecommerce platform so as to deal with both B2B portals ( Alibaba, Indiamart , Trade India and many more .. ) and B2C portals ( Flipkart , Snapdeal , Homeshop18 and many more ..) , portals related to sales and distribution – at both  national & international level .

·  To be at par with the Industry competitors in terms of strategy formulation and execution , promote the visibility to all potential clients of Primotech in the best possible way. To have more visibility on all Job portals and Internship portals.

·  To apply various modes of Digital marketing ( Bulk / Personalized ) , for B2B and B2C like as follows : Contests , Classifieds , Banners  , podcasts , vodcasts , blogs , animations , popups.

·  To accomplish various Online: Alliances , Contest Sponsorships , Affiliate Programmes , Viral advertising .

·  To create Digital budgets for : Online events , SMS campaigns , email Marketing , Facebook ad campaign , Google ad campaign  then to calculate ROI by conducting Impact Analysis.

·  PR tools like : News , speeches , special events , audio visual materials , corporate identity materials , public service activities , website .

·  To implement Balanced Promotional Mix , to have a mix of Corporate and Marketing Website ( engaging )  in terms of content , community , customization ,connection , context.


·  Should be responsible to create cost- effective marketing campaigns and sales programs. Monitor promotional and sales programs at the target areas , in order to determine the effectiveness of the programs .Moreover  to make improvements to provide excellent services to the clients.

·  Coordinate with multidisciplinary product launch teams to facilitate product launch at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions at both national and international level, in accordance to research findings.

·  Liasoning with government agencies , government departments , Government ministries for advertising and marketing for a social cause like reducing CO2 emissions by installing Solar Power Plants and LED solutions. Schemes like NSIC marketing scheme.

·  Increasing visibility by Offline Sources like : Catalogues , pamphlets ,newspapers , magazines , stickers ,posters , banners , billboards ,flyers , standees , canopies , for both B2B and B2C promotions mainly highlighting the USP of Primotech’s offerings on each and every medium of advertising.

·  Promoting Primotech at various national and international trade fairs, exhibitions , trade shows and events related to allied industry like Marketing events , Product launching events , seminars , workshops , conferences , premium locations .

·  To organize get together with various stakeholders: for product launching and business networking.

·  Personal / Direct Mail / Catalogues / Telephone calling should be carried out.

·  Promotional activities at dealerships, tracking of enquiries, entrenchment of CRM-DMS etc.


·  Perform market research to understand market requirements and initiate innovative product development in alliance with other verticals of Primotech . 

·  By implementing various Sales & Promotion tools by highlighting various unique features of any Solar or LED product.

·  Should develop Competitive marketing strategy , value proposition ,positioning . for new and innovative products having benefits like : functional , social , environmental .

·  USP like :Technically competent , Honesty , Integrity , Robust after sales service , socially responsible should be made more visible .

·  To create sub brands ( distinguished names ) as per Primotech’s Product Mix.

·  Cobranding with other organizations like Private , government , socially responsible.

·  Segmentation as per B2B and B2C as per Refer and Earn Programme.

·  To create National Programs like : Rural Health , Education , Safety  and many more ..

·  To Increase Primotech’s  visibility  by highlighting various :  benefits , values , differentiation , positioning , value proposition .

·  Cobranding with other companies by collaboration , applying various Market penetration strategies , Marketing Mix , Affiliate marketing .

·  Value added Rural Marketing , Niche Marketing , Socially Responsible Target Marketing : NGO , trusts , foundations , philanthropic organizations


-  To increase visibility by using concepts of : Rural Marketing , Social Cause Marketing , Broadcast media (TV , Radio )

To implement Test Marketing so as to gauge the expected demand in advance .

To Implement Customer Relationship management , in the following manner :

-  By providing superior value so as to acquire, retain and partner with selective partners.

Operational CRM : Sales Force Automation , Customer Service Automation , Customer touch points , customer satisfaction (feedback ) forms  , Customer acquisition.

To establish Relationship Equity by : loyalty programs , special treatment programs , community building , knowledge building , Affiliation Networks – Commissions for referrals , Loyalty cards & Loyalty programmes .

-  To create and implement a holistic plan for various marketing modes like : Cause , Green , Crisis which should be informative , reminder oriented , persuasive. To tie up with several social agencies who want to contribute for socially relevant projects.

To work with advertising agencies so as to create: Excellent advertising messages so as to create awareness by increasing the visibility, at levels of organization, person, place, social factors and finally to convertible sales.

Sales forecasts through Marketing Research .Order winners, to avoid product fatigue, product positioning based on BCG matrix. Brand Image.

Product Launching Campaigns (first mover advantage ) ,

-  Key account based Marketing , rural marketing ( bottom of pyramid ) – 6,38,000 villages

-  Loyalty Marketing , To have brand ambassadors ( region wise)

-  Distribution Marketing partnerships , Private Public Partnerships , Self Help Groups ( SHG ).

Partnership models in Inclusive marketing eg : MART – Grameen Phone.

3 M concept ( Micro finance ,Market , Planning ) , Community Marketing ( Touch point and engagement )

To implement Rural Marketing at various places at Rural :  malls , touch points , business hubs , regional hubs ( traders and commission agents ) .

To implement 4P model ( Public Private Panchayat  Partnership ) , Model village , financial inclusion , inclusive growth , CCI ,FICCI.

To implement common strategy of CSR for maximum villages by providing solutions for maximum target clients of all : Occupation , Income , education , Geography , demography .

Line Extension : same products  , As per different needs , wants and demands.To implement a robust Consumer Buying Decision Process Model .


v  Build brand focus in conjunction with operational requirements.

v  Ensure maximum brand visibility and capture optimum market shares.

v  Manage brand image building and awareness campaigns.

v  Device & implement pre and post marketing activities for successful launch of new products.

v  Responsible for executing all marketing related activities like Conferences/ Events/Exhibitions including maintaining marketing collaterals.


Exp.: 2 years and above..

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech /B.Com cum MBA (OPERATIONS) or relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description :

1.)   OVERALL :

Should be solely responsible for the under mentioned domains by applying best optimization techniques :

Courier – Third Party Logistics (3PL ) needs to be monitored efficiently.

Insurance : Best Insurance covers for Transit / Marine Insurance is required.

Transportation : Cross docking , reliable selection of service provider  , tracking and reporting .

Logistics : Third Party Logistics (3PL ) needs to be monitored efficiently

Inventory : By maintaining a stock register and safety stock needs to be monitored.

Facility:All facility works for glitch free functioning of an organization.

Also Pre Sales Support , Mid Sales Support , Post Sales Support .

Should be proficient in maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLA) with different stake holders  of Primotech.

To be responsible for Inbound & Outbound Logistics , product recall. To apply Six Sigma , TQM, Cross Docking so as to minimize the time for Order Processing.


Will be responsible for getting the same printed, circulated effectively. The material like: pricelists ,user manual ,  brochures , catalogues , stickers , danglers , standees , canopies etc. needs to be managed from printing source , all branding ,advertising and marketing material needs to be adequately maintained and should be availed to respective sales associates of Primotech without any glitch.


v  Will be responsible for quality check of incoming material in terms of packaging, labelling, packaging boxes and more features strictly as per the statutory compliances and checklist of procedures (Primotech).


v  Should be well versed in handling  backend operations like :Packaging , Screen Printing , Labelling , Stickers , Visiting Cards , I- Cards , Normal Printers ,Bar Code Printers , Internet facility , Softwares ( ERP , Lead Management Software ),  Telephone , Stationary items .

To handle in-house packaging room in terms of different packaging , labelling , printing , stickers , corrugated boxes.


·  Like need to negotiate with the installers and technicians who are empanelled at Primotech . Need to monitor  the project to be installed or any type of product which needs to be supplied to the end client .


v  Safety Stock needs to be maintained of various Solar and LED products , Respective samples kit needs to be maintained , Stock register needs to be maintained  , warehouse management.

v  All needs to be done as per FIFO way, Just In Time ( JIT ) will be followed as per best Inventory management practices .

·  To carry out all Delivery Schedules ( speed , reliability ) through various modes of transportation like ( Rail , Truck , Air , Local goods carriers ).


·  Documentation work with suppliers and clients in terms of : Transfer Challans , C Form , F Form , Form 38 , Transportation Receipts like Bilti , Transporter Authentication Form , Transfer Challan , Delivery Challan, Cash / Cheque receipt and good knowledge of trade documents like Invoices too.

·  Needs to coordinate with the suppliers for minimum lead time and timely procurement.

·  Needs to coordinate with the clients for minimum lead time and timely supply.

·  To implement various Cost Control Programmes, various freight optimization schemes (list of vendors for different goods carriers).


·  Like Service support needs to be provided to the end client by directing Primotech’s technician to visit the site and get the issue resolved.

·  Warranty support needs to be provided.

  • Maximizing customer satisfaction level by on time installation within the time frame, monitoring customer complaints, providing efficient services. Handling customer grievances by resolving issues.

·  Any complaint if any needs to be resolved efficiently to achieve high customer satisfaction Index. Feedback forms through telephonic conversation or emails needs to be evaluated too.

·  Needs to coordinate with all other departments for smooth day to day functioning .MIS reports of sales agents and other sales representatives will be collected by him and will be offered an incentive for some good conversions by him too.

·  AMC Support : Needs to provide the same service to the clients of Primotech within 24 hours of complaint received.

To increase the level of customer satisfaction by implementing Customer Complaints Handling System.

Will be solely responsible to : Establish an effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM ) in terms of : Pre & Post - Service support , Lead Time.

Note : He/ she will be allowed to apply any module which might be beneficial for Primotech and could enrich his / her expertise level too.