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For the first time in the history of Indian Companies , Primotech is glad and proud to introduce PRIMOTECH’S PYRAMID OF SUCCESS  ( REFER & EARN ), through which any result oriented applicant may earn  a lot in form of revenue sharing and in case of excellent efforts will be awarded with extra incentives too .

Primotech do offer a large number of challenging, innovative projects which can be pursued by good brains like you.

PHILOSOPHY : Give Gain To Primotech ; Receive Gain From Primotech.

Join us for Practical Internships and Short Term Projects :

Send your detailed Curriculum Vitae  to :

[email protected] / [email protected]
Contact : +91-9643479109

We welcome all your career related queries as we are looking for highly competent brains to work for a greener , sustainable , pollution free future.


Phase I : Preliminary Process

1.  Applicant need to send the updated & detailed Curriculum Vitae.

2.  Mention the name of the project which you want to pursue in the mail’s body.

3.  Then applicant needs to send a mail , with a word document  as an  attachment  and answering the understated questions :

a.)  Why you want to join Primotech as an Intern ?

b.)  Which  skills set do you possess which makes you as the most suitable applicant over others applicants ?

c.)  What expertise do you possess for the project,  you opted for ?

d.)  What value addition ( innovation / revenue generation / practical implementation of concepts )  you can deliver  to Primotech ?

*NOTE : All this will help the HR manger to recruit the applicant by matching the applicant expectations with that of Primotech’s requirements.

4.  For more detailed Internship description , the applicant may refer to the respective detailed  Job Description which is clearly mentioned under careers section of website.

5.  In case of any doubt / clarification get in touch .

Phase II : Filtering Process

1.  The mails received will be screened in detail and as per the suitable matching , the applicant will receive a mail for  telephonic round of interview.

2.  If the telephonic round of interview will be cleared , then applicant will receive a mail comprised of  “Detailed Internship Form “ which applicant needs to fill , venue , date and time .

3.  All selected applicants ( especially from Northern India ) will be called for Technical cum HR round of interviews, at company’s office ( Ghaziabad / Delhi / Greater Noida ).Skype Interviews will be carried out for the applicants who resides at other parts of India (except Northern India).

4.  A brief Orientation will be given and then corresponding round of interviews will take place.

5.  On joining , the selected applicants will be evaluated on a weekly basis and evaluation reports will be a critical factor for  stipend and incentives.


1.)  Primotech do not promise / commit to pay a fixed stipend  , any type of travel / conveyance  and any type of allowance to any applicant. There is no limit on what they can earn , by following the Refer & Earn Programme mentioned on website.

2.)  The applicants who will be result oriented and will provide and execute  convertible leads / referrals to Primotech.The revenue sharing will be done as per PRIMOTECH’S PYRAMID OF SUCCESS  ( REFER & EARN ).As per Primotech’s Internship policy only the deserving and result oriented individuals should be supplemented with training and green money.

3.)  Moreover , who will be result oriented and will add value in terms of practical execution and implementation of projects , will be compensated with stipend and under excellent performance will be provided with incentives too.( as per the sole discretion of management ) .

4.)  Experience certificate will be awarded to an applicant , once he / she complete the programme successfully ,  with a certain benchmark of performance.

5.)  Any applicant might receive different amount of additional incentives as his / her individual contribution and hard work .This will be solely decided by the HR department of Primotech .

6.) Any applicant may continue with the same programme of Refer & Earn throughout the year , give the gain to Primotech and throughout the year get rich by carrying out value added , result oriented processes at Primotech.



•  Result oriented person , with a capability  of working closely, with different levels of management in creating detailed solutions and roadmaps by sound decision making ability & strong organizing capabilities.

·  Excellent presentation, organisational , time-management , analytical , problem solving skills , communication skills  – written and oral.

·  Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team (good team player) as well as independently.

·  Excellent in maintaining interpersonal relationships, determined to learn with practical approach, enthusiastic and can produce results under deadline constraints.

·  Proficient in conducting primary and secondary research  and able to prepare  clear, detailed documents on time.

·  Should have sound email etiquettes and telephone  etiquettes.

·  Robust knowledge of  Microsoft Office  - Excel, Word, Power point , Outlook .

·  Should have his / her own laptop along with internet dongle.

NOTE : To become a successful professional in your corporate career  , you should align your skills set in synchronisation with the mission and vision of Primotech.

Time is money therefore if you are hundred per cent sure that you could be a valuable asset for Primotech and also could add value to this organisation, then and then only do apply.

Should be passionate to make the planet, abetter and greener place for living for the present and future generations by achieving Sustainable  Development in a holistic manner.


  • Should be result oriented by  adding value and profitability for Primotech by generating a healthy revenue in a quick span of time.
  • Should have excellent interpersonal skills like : Negotiation skills , self motivation , persistence ,  follow-ups too.
  • Should have a sound understanding of Primotech’s  Online Sales Kit .
  • Should be excellent in Leads Generation and Follow-up Management and to update the clients database on a regular basis.

·  Should be proficient in strategy formulation and execution for various target clients under Refer & Earn programme  by carrying out an exact Need Analysis .

  • To develop multiple ,  healthy relationships with target organizations so as to achieve organizational short term and long term goals.
  • To Map clients' requirements & to provide expert advisory services in terms of Solution Selling.


1.)  FREE TO SELECT ANY PROJECT : As per his / her interest level , knowledge level the applicant is free to select any type of project from detailed list of projects.

2.)  CUSTOMIZATION IN  PROJECT : An applicant can customize the project till the point it will be a win win situation for Primotech as well as for the applicant.

3.)  REFER & EARN : Primotech is India’s first company to launch a refer and earn programme for interns , through which they can earn a lot (in terms of stipend and added incentives ) by generating referrals and then by converting them exponentially.

4.)  CORE TEAM  – Applicants from the same college can form their team by selecting different projects as per their individual expertise domains  and can work at Primotech with utmost commitment and integrity.

5.)  POWER TEAMS : The existing members of Core Team will be merged with core teams of other colleges having different specializations,  who are much experienced in terms of technical and commercial domains, so as to provide the best exposure , learning opportunities too.

6.)  FLEXIBILITY - POST INTERNSHIP : Primotech offers a unique opportunity to all applicants that even after the completion of internship they can continue virtually with their projects and could be benefited through ongoing Refer & Earn Programme.

7.)  PRE PLACEMENT OFFERS : Excellent performers would be offered with pre placement offers from Primotech. They need to give their best during the course of the internship in terms of value addition and revenue generation.

8.)  A PERFECT BLEND OF TECHNICAL CUM COMMERCIAL  : Primotech do offers a dual combination of technical and commercial projects to the applicants through which they can apply their techno commercial  knowledge to achieve short term and long term goals.

9.)  IMMENSE LEARNING BY PRACTICAL EXECUTION : Primotech will offer challenging live projects along with proper training , coordination and evaluation mechanisms.

10.)NUMEROUS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES : Primotech will provide access to ongoing  projects , conferences , workshops, meeting with Industry veterans , guest lectures  which in turn will nurture the applicants to climb the corporate ladder with best possible skills set.

11.)SOFT SKILLS TRAININGS AT FREE OF COST  : Primotech will select the best performers amongst the whole lot from respective colleges and will impart soft skills training ,   for  their forthcoming career opportunities  in terms of  filtering rounds like : Group Discussions , Technical Interviews , HR Interviews so that they can come out with flying colors.


1.)  TIME IS MONEY: As Primotech is at expansion mode , we are looking to work only with individuals who are result oriented , dedicated and are passionate to grow in their respective domains with a strong level of  commitment.

Anybody who is looking to join just for the sake of joining a company without being productive , should not apply under any circumstances as we don’t have unproductive time to invest upon him / her.

2.)  ONLY PRACTICAL EXECUTION & IMPLEMENTATION : Primotech do not expect any applicant to be excellent in report drafting by carrying out only secondary research , searching information through Google or from other online sources and at the last course of Internship , the applicant just want to  submit his / her printed report as a hard copy . STRICT NO TO ALL THIS .

Join Primotech only if you want to learn more through practical implementation and execution rather than to  rely more on theoretical concepts.

3.)  NEED TO FOLLOW CODE OF CONDUCT : Before joining Primotech , every applicant will sign an agreement with Primotech in which he / she has to follow a proper CODE OF CONDUCT. In case of violation Primotech’s HR department do have full authority to blacklist the applicant to pursue his/ her ongoing project.

Primotech is looking for a holistic expansion therefore as per company policies we don’t want to dilute the efforts of the management team by wasting their synergies with inefficient and non-result oriented individuals.

“Looking for a great collaboration with all GREAT BRAINS , to make our planet more greener and sustainable with our dedicated efforts.”

Wishing you all the best for a challenging, value added, superb journey of learning and earning!!


Commitment --  Hard Work – Consistency – Team Work – Challenge Yourself – Attitude towards Work – Enjoy what you do ……..  


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