Primo Tech Energy

Job Description - FIRST



Exp.: 2 years and above.

Qualification: (B.E / B.Tech / B.Com ) cum MBA (HR) / relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description:

1.)  OVERALL :

·  Will be responsible to make Refer & Earn Programme a grand success in Northern India and also by shortlisting the best talent for Primotech.

·  To develop blueprint for every vertical, total measure productivity, SMART goals, learning curve, vision and mission for every domain of Primotech.


·  Need to tie up with multiple Job portals , Internship Portals , Colleges , Universities , Organizations which could provide work force for Primotech.

·  Will be responsible to offer multiple Full time , Part time ,Volunteer ship based opportunities by organizing Walk in Interviews almost after every fifteen days at Primotech’s marketing office .

·  Need to send multiple mails , calls to call the applicants to Primotech’s office for filtering rounds like :Telephonic Round ,  Group Discussions , Technical Interviews , HR Interviews.

·  Need to tie up with multiple Recruitment agencies ( who don’t take commissions from recruiters ) to provide efficient workforce as when required in the quickest way. Tie ups with online portals through which we can hire commission agents pan India.

·  Should be proficient for tasks like : Letter of Intent , Implementing HR policies ,Call letter , Detailed background verification form , Code of conduct , appointment letter , Joining letter , Authentication Form , Campus to Corporate guide , Organizational structure , skills building exercises , Updation of Job description , feedback forms , Experience letter ,termination policy , exit policy , final clearance certificate etc.

·  As Primotech will hire only competent , result oriented and experienced people therefore recruit people from various sources like : Experienced ones , employment agencies , classified ads.


·  Need to send multiple mails , carryout efficient follow ups and then issuing Certificates related to Internship , Short term projects and to track the performance of interns , projects allocation and reports analysis with help of concerned department. 

·  Need to organize Guest Lectures at multiple colleges and Universities so as to provide Internships (Full Time/ Virtual ), Short term Projects , Volunteer as per Refer & Earn programme.

·  In nutshell, the HR will be solely responsible for managing the workforce covering maximum aspects of Human Resources policies. Should be an excellent planner for daily, weekly basis so as to hire the best talent, to offer STP and Internship projects throughout the year by scheduling the plans well in advance by ensuring that throughout the year Internship projects and short term projects it should be in loop of continuity. Training cost needs to be charged from Non- permanent team members.


·  Most importantly , needs to formulate a robust HR structure for Full time , part time , interns , volunteers , Refer & Earn members , commission agents in the best possible way.

·  To set strategies for quality and continuous performance improvement, work measurement, ethical behaviour and social accountability, communication (communication gap should be next to null), competitive advantage for each vertical, Internal Marketing.

·  To include Innovation in every domain , Checklists for success , balanced score card , Knowledge management , cross training , Confrontation Matrix.


·  Will be solely responsible to generate MIS (Management Information System) reports for all organizational members, to evaluate every team member on a daily, weekly and monthly and quarterly basis. For payroll management also to mark attendance, noting the In time and out time from biometric sensor, leave policies.

·  To measure and communicate goals , Evaluation of performance and communication effectiveness, Employee satisfaction Index through feedback forms .

·  To accomplish the Six Sigma team by accomplishing : Legal requirements ,Contract Negotiations ,Process management Initiatives , Job Design , relationship chart , rewards and appreciations etc. 

·  Maintaining OT, Leave & Attendance Records, process the salaries and submit the same to the Director’s office  for final approval.


·  Needs to provide proper Orientation to all the stakeholders , Training and Development  , to prepare Interview questions as per different specializations for Jobs, Internships , Short Term Projects etc. To provide direction, motivation and training modules, presentations especially to Business Development and Sales field sales team, ensuring optimum performance.

·  To arrange meetings on a daily basis , weekly basis , bimonthly basis , monthly basis , to invite motivational industry experts , organizing leisure activities like games , outdoor activities , short trips for Primotech’s team members .

·  To train Sales people : trainings , sales meetings , Live Sales presentations ,servicing accounts , Incentives ( for qualifiers ) , referrals generated , sales reports , call reports , expense reports.


Exp.: 2 years and above.

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics) cum MBA(Operations ) / relevant  (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description :


·  Should be proficient in Strategic Sourcing of  both Solar and LED domains : should be a bargain hunter.

·  Identify new suppliers (Considering Quality, Cost & Delivery) and complete new supplier evaluation activity with QA & Design. Coordinate for getting / Sending technical specifications, drawings from supplier and ensure approvals from Senior management on time.

·  Will be responsible to contact maximum suppliers in the supplier’s database, to take the best Techno – commercial offer in terms of price, techno commercial viability, lead time and other trade terms which will be as per Primotech’s Procurement Policy.

·  Will be required to process the Supplier Id Form , Procurement Policy  ( General, Solar  and LED ) , Supplier Assessment Form , Purchase Orders , MOU ( suppliers , Insurance , Transportation , Courier ) .

·  Should be well versed with all commercial terms and conditions which are prerequisite in terms of procurement.

·  Should be proficient with Trade terms and conditions (Delhi and UP).

·  Providing effective support to business development in tendering / bidding for achieving targeted costs and coordinating with finance for opening L/C  and  coordination with engineering team to ensure compliance with design/technical specifications.

·  Procurement of components from manufacturers, dealers and distributors, commercial activities within company and to manage the logistics around the world.

·  Review of Commercial Bids and finalization of Commercial Terms and Conditions.

·  Should be capable to handle all Purchase and Procurement activities of KW / MW scale Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Plants.

·  MS – office knowledge, advance Excel knowledge , to Generate the MIS on daily basis .

·  Good Knowledge of Indigenous, Import Purchase & Inventory Management monthly basis , so as to analyse the Demand v/s supply variation.

·  Well versed with all procurement policies, protocols, activities, and procedures, instructions as relevant and required by the quality management system of Primotech’s Sourcing Policy.

·  Should be able to carry out Outsourcing at both:  Local & Global level but by avoiding the Bullwhip effect.

·  Should have excellent interpersonal skills like : Email etiquettes , Telephone etiquettes , Negotiation skills , follow-ups too.

·  Will be solely responsible to organize meeting by calling the potential suppliers . To carry out pricing analysis along with portfolio analysis by carrying out both Primary and secondary analysis.


·  Work with costing break-up and negotiate on price, freight, delivery time and  credit period  with vendors/suppliers and sub-contractors.

·  Floating multiple enquiries and to receive quotations from multiple vendors as per the customized requirements of  Primotech’s potential client. To prepare technical& commercial comparison statements, negotiation with vendors & procurement of the requisite, as per standard specifications.

·  To maintain project procurement reports, to take the Budget approvals towards the new as well as additional requirements for the requisite.

·  To coordinate for getting or Sending QAP/QA from supplier and ensure approvals on time. Negotiate with supplier regarding cost and Lead time by implementing cost control measures and by generating cost estimation reports too.

·  Effective management of vendor database. ABC classification of vendors on the basis of criteria like cost, quality, schedule of  delivery , terms & conditions  etc.

·  Timely clearance of payments & handling vendor queries. Floating RFQ to suppliers & take the Quotation from multiple suppliers with in short period.

·  Experience in New Supplier Evaluation, acquiring new world class and innovative suppliers and service providers, maintaining a database of vendors and suppliers and keeping the contacts up to date.

3.)  IMPORTS :

·  Should be proficient with Inco terms, Logistics in terms of Third Party Logistics (3PL), Letter Of Credit.

·  Should Liaison with CHA (Custom house agent) for clearance the material from custom.


·  Planning for Logistic and coordination with suppliers and sub-contractors to get material for successful execution of project within time frame.

·  To establish and maintain effective supply chain management function , which helps in cost reduction and maintaining the daily work report and match it with the schedule.

·  To manage the goods receive & issue under LIFO, FIFO System.

·  Logistic Management: - Interaction with 3PL to pick up shipment and track the shipment till delivery.

·  Ensuring on time delivery of goods at customer end through effective logistics according to Inco terms.

·  Coordinating with shipping line for the Rate finalization, goods delivery.

  • Logistic planning: Negotiating with carrier for transportation and air / sea freight forwarders based on the Inco terms.

·  Managing procurement activities in an effective and efficient & time bound manner to ensure availability of material at site.

·  Day to day planning and long term planning of procurement activities and declaring deadlines for supplies to ensure timely project execution.

·  To place an order for Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).

·  To implement a sustainable Supply Chain with proper strategy and planning .

·  To ensure arrangement for delivery & collection of material at the agreed time.

·  Follow up with supplier for timely delivery of materials as per their production time-line chart.


·  To undertake the day to day supervision of the store service & activity ( Material Planning, receipt of material, storage of material, Documentation, Issue of materials, valuation of stock & Stock verification).

·  Making GRPO for inward material against respective PO.

·  Supervising the store documentation.

·  Should be an expert in domains like : Supplier Collaboration & Motivation , Forecasting  ( safety stock , material availability ) ,reorder point .


·  Quality Assurance viz. Pre quality control & Post quality control.

·  Coordinating with Design & Quality departments to get the Drawing, technical specs & Quality process documents.

·  Liaison with Quality team for inspection & clearance for dispatch.

·  Coordination with Design department for the design accuracy and reliability and specifications required by the Primotech’s Product development team .


·  Should be aware of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that is OEM supplier and buyer, ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), Contract Manufacturing.

·  To conduct online trainings for vendors to educate them about company’s requirements and help them in improving their performance.

·  Commercial Negotiation and Cost Control by ensuring quality of engineering equipment and materials at minimum cost.

·  Co-ordination with suppliers/manufacturers during the manufacturing & transportation phases to ensure timely delivery, issuing of material dispatch clearance certificate (MDCC) and coordination with Client’s Department / Project sites.

·  Entering into long term Contracts, Supply agreement, OEM, Purchase agreement & Dealer agreement, Create Global and scalable contracts.

·  Material requirement planning, order placement, scheduling, in time procurement, Managing fabrication of structures & various components. Vendor development day-to-day supplier performance, Costing & Estimation, Techno-commercial negotiation, evaluating quotations.

  • Meeting with the technology providers, consultants and component manufacturers for the procurement of components.
  • To make a database of new world class and innovative suppliers and service providers on a regular basis.

·  Should be proficient to implement result oriented Supplier Relationship Management ( SRM ) so as to meet fluctuating demand in terms of lead time , price discounts , quantity discounts , processing time ,move time , waiting time , setup time etc.

·  Should be able to apply: Lean Six Sigma (EHS- EPA recommendations) , operational excellence wrt national & international standards like – Quality , health ,safety , environmental standards.

·  To implement  Collaborative planning  so as to meet Peak Capacity like : Material Requirements Planning (MRP ) ; Capacity Requirements Planning ( CRP ) along with TQM , SIX SIGMA .


  Exp.: 2 years and above 

   Qualification : Diploma / Any Graduation / Company Secretary will be preferred

  Job Description :

·  Customer dealing in terms of the receipt and billing related issues through e-mails.

·  Assisting in Administration & HR Tasks in the Office (New Appointments, Resignation records, Telephone Bills & Rent Payments etc.)

·  Sort out queries of clients & Branch Accounts (CO).

·  Responsible for all other element of office operational modules.

·  Drafting Letters for Office, BM & AGM/assisting them in day to day work.

·  Process all incoming correspondence such as regular mail & all courier envelopes.

·  Maintained organized filing and follow-up systems.

·  Handle expenses voucher / Documentation work.

·  Coordination with Departmental Heads / Other Branches in all over Customers.

·  Maintaining all periodical reports.

·  Should be excellent in tele-calling too , so as to assist the process of business development.

·  Should be well versed in Database building , Data mining .

·  Should be able to prepare quotations, Performa Invoices, Competitor Analysis – to search product portfolio and pricing of various companies.

·  Handling all types of correspondence & back office work,

·  Preparing letters, reminders etc.

·  Checking mails and responding all the mails.

·  Handling all the data of pending payment.

·  Taking Dictation in long hand.

·  Responsible for generating new Client from all over India

·  Drafting of various Office Letters regarding Sales

·  Reporting of various departments to Managing Director.

·  Good experience about travelling in Delhi and Outside Delhi.

·  Having good knowledge of MS Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer & Outlook Express)

·  Typing Speed (English): 150 W.P.M.


  Exp.: 2 years and above.

  Qualification: B.Com / B.Com cum any certification or advance course in accounting. 

Job Description :


·  Should be proficient in : database handling of accounts ,Vouchers entry ,  quotations preparation from the source of Lead management software , documents of supply chain , banking transactions, secondary research which means to search relevant information online.

·  Drafting of various Office Letters. Various Account Department related jobs.

·  Extensive knowledge of Office Management, Vender & Utility Payments, Bank, Debtors / Creditors reconciliation, Handling petty cash, Daily Collection, Stock/Cash Verification, Operational accounts, Managing Accounts Payables / Receivables, Store Management, Periodical reports, Monthly Budget.

·  Liaison with vendors and departments to ensure compliances.


·  Follow-up of sent Purchase Orders.

·  Follow-up of any forms or permits required.


·  Follow-up and Collection of C Forms (Taxation Forms).

·  Follow-up and Collection of Payments.

·  Tracking of sent quotations, Performa Invoices.

·  Responsible for generating new Purchase Orders

·  Payment Follow ups with customers & issuing Reminder letters.


·  Responsible for Accounting decision making, Credit control, payments and collections from various channel partners of Primotech across the India and rest of the world.

·  Should be well versed with Tally, so as to operate its modules to the maximum like making entries in Tally ERP9 on daily basis. Maintenance of book of accounts, Inventory & Stock consumption ,Accounts Payables / Receivables, Preparations of Invoices in one call software & collection receipts.


·  Should be an expert to carry out various tasks such as : Debit note , Credit Note , Stock Transfer , Fulfilling all the requisite compliances , returns ( sales tax , service tax  ) date wise , meeting compliances  of Taxation department without any glitch or pendency.

·  TDS deduction report & Preparation of Monthly Budget for Branch Expenses. Bill check and passing the necessary entries and deduct the TDS if applicable.


·  Compliances of DELHI and Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) : Sales Tax , Service Tax , TDS , filing of Return , Retail Invoices & Tax Invoices of both sale and purchase , stock transfer , Interstate and Intrastate ( VAT slabs , sale & purchase transactions ) .

·  Issuance of forms like : Form – 38 , Form C , Form F , Form 32 , Form 33 , Form T2, ST1 , ST2

·  Responsible for billing and daily collections, Checking & Passing daily expenses of the Branches & releasing payments.

·  Bank Reconciliation & Reconciliation of Debtors / Creditors.

·  Re-imbursement of Expenses to Employees against vouchers for vehicle, Mobile Phone etc.



  Exp.: 2 years and above..

  Qualification: B.Com /B.A.  / relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

Job Description:


·  Should be capable to establish web presence, to advertise the products and services by managing campaigns on social media , B2B portals. Promoting events to help make the company’s presence known in the market place in the best economical manner .

·  Increasing visibility by Online Sources like : Online brochures , catalogues , blogs , e newsletter , webinars , PR , bulk email , SMS marketing , content marketing ,Scribd , Slideshare , Online contests , after sale customer surveys , Inbound marketing , Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) , Social Media Optimization (SMO ) like – ( Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook , Google Plus , YouTube ) , Website Updation in the best possible way , Mobile App  for Primotech products and for Refer & Earn programme .

·  To set up a digital marketing platform in the best possible way so as to have bulk online booking for multiple Solar products .To set up an ecommerce platform so as to deal with both B2B portals ( Alibaba, Indiamart , Trade India and many more .. ) and B2C portals ( Flipkart , Snapdeal , Homeshop18 and many more ..) , portals related to sales and distribution – at both  national & international level .


·  Increasing visibility by Offline Sources like : Catalogues , pamphlets ,newspapers , magazines , stickers ,posters , banners , billboards ,flyers , standees , canopies , for both B2B and B2C promotions mainly highlighting the USP of Primotech’s offerings on each and every medium of advertising.

·  Personal / Direct Mail / Catalogues / Telephone calling should be carried out.

Should be well versed in Photoshop , Corel Draw of multiple versions , Sketch-up, Auto-cad , any other designing software .

Should be proficient in telecalling with robust email etiquettes.


  Exp.: 1 year and above 

Qualification : B.Com / Part Time MBA /Diploma (electrical / electronics ) /relevant degree

Job Description:

·  To convert multiple inquiries into actual sales by answering inbound telephone calls from existing and potential clients. Also to contact businesses and individuals by telephone in order to promote and sell goods and services, receive orders, gather information, verify details or request volunteer ship for charitable (CSR) causes.

·  To influence customers to buy or retain product or service by following a prepared script to give product reference information (by calling them) and sending information through mail and watsapp.

·  To maintain database by entering, verifying, and backing up data.

·  To maintain quality service by following organization standards.

·  To enhance technical knowledge by attending educational workshops and in-house training sessions.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities :

·  Contact businesses and private individuals by telephone to promote products, services .

·  Solicit orders for goods and services over the telephone.

·  Explain the product or service to potential customers.

·  Deliver scripted sales pitch to the customer ,adjust scripted sales pitch to meet needs of specific individuals.

·  Provide pricing details.

·  Handle customer questions.

·  Obtain customer information including names, email id and addresses to update database.

·  Record customer details including reaction to the product or service offered.

·  Receive orders over the telephone after filling up of Requirement Forms.

·  Input order details into the computer system.

·  Record customer details and details of transaction.

·  Confirm orders placed with field sales representatives.

·  Obtain contact details of potential customers from sources including telephone directories and purchased lists and from other sources of secondary research.

·  Schedule appointments for sales staff to meet prospective customers.

·  Conduct customer and marketing surveys.

·  Answer telephone calls from potential customers who are responding to Primotech’s advertisements (online / offline).

·  Contact customers to follow up on initial interaction.

Education and Experience :

·  Knowledge of sales and marketing principles and strategies.

·  Relevant work experience in sales, marketing, promotions or telemarketing.

·  Product knowledge (Solar and LED – basic level) – will be preferred.

·  Proficiency in relevant computer applications.

Key Competencies :

  • Excellent communication skills, Negotiation skills , Data Entry Skills , Closing Skills ,Information gathering and management ,Persuasiveness ,Adaptability ,Initiative ,Tenacious ,Resilient , ,Stress tolerance ,High energy levels , Self-motivation, Customer Focus, , Selling to Customer Needs ,  Energy Level, Persistence& robust product knowledge.

2.)  SOLAR  - DOMAIN :

A.)  Position : ASST. MANAGER – SALES (SOLAR )

Exp.: 2 yrs. and above 

Qualification : ( BE / B.Tech )  cum MBA ( Marketing) / relevant management degree

Job Description:


o  Should be proficient in understanding of Online Sales Kit which he will be required to send selectively to multiple potential clients of Primotech.

o  Will be responsible for multiple leads generation , tracking of same leads , proper follow-up of the same leads by email , tele calling ,face to face  meeting and then for the final conversion too. Should have robust email etiquettes and telephonic etiquettes too.

·  Candidate will be expected to handle Branding, Distribution, & Pricing on project to project basis for the entire product portfolio and to coordinate with the procurement department.

·  Robust technical knowledge of Solar is required as while mapping clients' requirements, he will be required to render expert advisory services - Solution Selling. You need to support first line customer by answering queries and resolving their issues.

·  To update the client database on regular basis.

·  To communicate new product developments to prospective clients.

·  Respond to incoming Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs) in a professional and result oriented manner.

·  To achieve the target of sales assigned by Sales Director, this will vary on a monthly basis so as to achieve organizational goals.

·  Volume sales to be maximized .To increase the market share at Specific Target Markets. To minimize order processing time.

·  Will be solely responsible to attain volume sales, increase in market share in both B2B and B2C segments.

·  Need to minimise order processing time per unit, also by attaining cost effective distribution channel.

·  To develop a structured distribution network by adopting best – nominal marketing channel.

·  Need to achieve dynamic monthly targets for different target markets.

·  Should be well versed in:  Market Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Product Positioning.

·  Should be excellent in Leads generation and Follow-up Management.

·  Should be an expert in Channel Monitoring & Management, in creating loyalty programs too.

·  Should be proficient in strategy formulation and execution for various target clients under Refer & Earn programme.

·  Should be good in Sales Negotiation by understanding the: needs, wants, demands of both rural and urban clients.

·  Should be proficient in calculating the ROI sheet & USP sheet for various technical solutions.

·  To select, motivate and evaluate different Channel Partners for :Territorial (general) Products / Projects / Key Account /Product based sales force: Highly Technical.

·  Should be result oriented by fulfilling the allotted targets by implementing rigorous Lead and follow-up management.


·  Should be proficient in team building exercise. That is should be able to make his own team under him in terms of sales associates and TSM (Territory Sales Manager).

·  Should be an expert in appointing various channel partners and more importantly to generate a bulk business from them on a monthly basis. Channel partners like: Dealers, Distributors, Commission Agents , Intermediaries.

·  Should be well versed to make distribution channel by signing MOU / Agreements / Dealer forms / Distributor forms with potential channel partners by discussing all possible Trade terms and Conditions.

·  To deal with people and developing relationships with the potential channel partners ( like - Dealers , Distributors , commission agents , entities) and with the key clients too in and around Delhi -NCR.

·  Educate channel partners on updated product information and complimentary services offered by product presentations, demonstrations & ensuring that they are up to date with product related information.

·  Deal with all the teams to make the proper channel of distribution of sales in all India.

·  Identify, recruit new channel partners to grow more business.

·   Coordinate with partners to identify new business opportunities for revenue generation.

·  Recruiting & ensuring proper training to dealer personnel on product, application engineering & solution selling.

·  Implement sales processes at dealerships handled and monitor and follow up for the same.

·  Provide product/ sales Training at dealerships for dealership personnel.

·  Different types of Team of Sales force need to be recruited for Rural (BOP) & Urban Locations.

·  To have 2 sales representatives at different blocks across Delhi / NCR.

o  TSE (Territory Sales Executive ) under you will be responsible for Sales volumes,  customer satisfaction, marketing promotions, training to dealer sales executives, and to provide a differentiated sales experience at PRIMOTECH  Dealerships.

o  Shall be able to create and handle a team effectively & should be capable to provide  support to Design team. (Extensive travelling will be involved).

·  System development for the sales team by which the proper sales and output will come in the hand of each and every intermediary. 


·  Primotech is looking for selective distribution right now across Northern- India , therefore you are supposed to increase the monthly sales in an exponential manner. The target clients are mentioned in the target clients under Refer & Earn section of website .Go through it and if  you think you have the maximum  clients in your experience domain  , then Primotech is the perfect destination for your career growth.

·  Franchisee Stores is also in pipeline for Delhi – NCR. 

·  Looking for ways to boost sales per product in a big way and enhance the business and to create and implement developmental strategies for the company.

·  Responsible for sales of solar products in Northern India through direct and channel route.

·  Identifying new clients and generating business in large volumes, from the existing clients to achieve targets.

·  Creating, maintaining and ensuring maximum shelf space , to be acquired in comparison to other brands.

·  Playing a key role in the collaboration with various intermediaries and also the marketing activities of the organization.

·  Manage new and existing channel partners to achieve desired results.

·  Provide proposals, quotations and pricings to partners.

·  Driving retail sales through effective dealer management to ensure boost in sales volume.

·  Achieve targeted sales volume and market share for the brand allocated in the area of operation.


·  Candidate will be expected to conceptualize & create a portfolio of multiple solar portfolios at various price points.

·  Conduct competitor analysis by keeping abreast of market trends and competitor moves (pricing, schemes, and promotional activities) to achieve market share metrics.

·  Annual and quarterly budgetary planning in terms of Sales Targets for forecasted financial year will be provided by Sales Director.

·  Conduct business review with partners and recommend improvements.

·  Providing proper market reports, surveys and competitor activities to Director - Sales.

·  Reviewing and analysing of operations functionality & projections on Monthly basis, activity reports, and performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement.

·  Identifying new clients and generating business from the existing clients to achieve targets.

·  Development of long term/short term sales plan.

·  Annual and quarterly budgetary planning for forecasted financial year.

·  Analyzing business potential and implementing plans to drive sales, supplementing turnover and achieving desired targets.

·  Conducting competitor analysis by keeping abreast of market trends and competitor moves to achieve market share.

·  Take proactive action in response to competitor tracking information and market intelligence.

5.)  PRE – SALES :

·  Should be proficient in documenting of Quotations, Performa Invoice, Retail and Tax Invoices.

·  Need to create awareness in the market, by working in close thereby increasing sales volume.

·  Initiating and developing relationships with target organizations for business development.

·  Generating leads by identifying, quantifying and targeting business opportunities through market surveys.

·  Mapping clients' requirements & providing expert advisory services-Solution Selling.

·   Supervising customer service operations for rendering quality services; providing first line customer support by answering queries and resolving their issues.

·  Educate partners on product portfolio and complimentary services offered & ensuring that they are up to date with product related information.

·   Work with partners to conduct product presentations, demonstrations to end users.

6.)  MID – SALES :

·  Maintain an inventory and ensure availability of required product, equipment and requisite products, spares etc. at any point of enquiry.

·  Ensuring Supply Chain Activities namely the Sales, Collection, and Merchandising.

·  Train & Develop the dealer personnel on Product, & solution selling.

·  Managing supply chain and coordinating with the customers for closing deals and taking repeat orders.

·   Assessing feedback, evaluating & providing critical feedback on areas of improvements.

7.)  POST – SALES :

·  To monitor the progress for project completion and liaison with the clients.

·  Managing supply chain closely and coordinating with the customers for closing deals and taking repeat orders, as utmost customer satisfaction is essential.

·  Assessing feedback from clients, evaluating & providing critical feedback on areas of improvements you need to give to Sales – Director along with your daily MIS report to HR.

·  A robust Client Relationship Management (CRM) with the existing and potential clients is very much necessary.

·  Client Relationship Management / Sales Support function :

·  Building and maintaining healthy business relations with existing clients, ensuring high customer satisfaction matrices by achieving delivery & service quality norms.

·  Conduct business review with partners and recommend improvements.

·  Ensure customer satisfaction for all customers interacting with PRIMOTECH dealerships.


·  Analysing and investigating price, demand and competition so as to build up company’s visibility and to increase revenue and profitability for the same.

·  Creating awareness in the market by working closely with Primotech’s advertising and marketing department, thereby increasing sales volume.

·  Proper distribution of Advertising Material for the Channel partners.

·  Representing your organisation at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations at national level in phase 1 and international level in phase 2.


  Exp.: 2 years and above.

  Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), relevant (graduation / post-graduation)

  Job Description :

1.)  OVERALL :

(a.)  Would be responsible for whole Project Management which means planning, coordination  and implementation of whole project from concept to commissioning .The segments will be : Residential , Industrial , Commercial up to a capacity of 500 KW .

(b.) Will be responsible to work in a well knitted team by following series of steps like: Enquiry (generated or received), Feasibility / Load Analysis, Customer Interaction, Design, Procurement, Commissioning (electrical and civil ) and Maintenance (though AMC contracts ) of on-grid  /off- grid/ Hybrid Power Plants.

2.)  AUDITS :

(a.)   Conductsitesurveyforsolarrooftop and groundmounted projects of big capacity approx. 100 KW and above and to evaluate audits of different capacities too. To conduct detailed shadow analysis of the site, to prepare site visit report or Initial Project Report (IPR),feasibility report .

(b.) Should be proficient in handling Testing Devices: Clamp meter, Digital Multimeter, Solar insolation Meter, Tongue tester, Earth Resistance Meter, Battery Tester, Laser Distance Meter, Phase sequence Indicator and many more …

(c.)   Should have sound knowledge of the tools like Auto CAD electrical, Lab view, PV syst, Google sketch Up, MS Office, telephone etiquettes, mail etiquettes To prepare various drawingsrequired for project execution and sitelayoutin GoogleSketch up.


 Should be proficient in marking the exact requirement from the client  ( after meeting  ) , so as to carry out detailed techno commercial analysis , cost benefit analysis along with ROI analysis at a later stage of project cycle.

4.)  DESIGN :

(a.) Optimum technical calculations so as to design for : Solar Power Plants ( On grid / Off grid / Hybrid ) : Selection of suitable electrical/ electronic components like - Solar Modules  , Solar inverters , Solar UPS , Solar Batteries , Solar charge controllers ,  ACDB , DCDB , DC cables , AC cables , Automatic Power factor Correction Circuit (APFC ) , Earthing solution  and many more. (b.) Expertise in fundamentals of Electrical Design & Load Estimation of solar Plants, Engineering Calculations, sizing of solar power plant, sizing of power cables, wire loss calculation , voltage drop,  selection of technology & system based on customer requirement .

(c.)Preparation  and evaluation of BOM & BOS , detailed technicalspecificationsand to prepare  costingofcompleteproject. DesigningofsolarPVsystemwithPVsystandPVSOLsoftware for power generation and different type of losses and optimization of system accordingly.

(d.) Day Load , Night Load , Load Shedding , Max. Peak Load during  day ,Maximum Monthly Load , Critical Loads , Non Critical Loads , Reading of power factor , Shadow analysis ,Cost benefit analysis & ROI analysis , Series and parallel connection of strings , AC / DC -  Single Line Diagram , System Schematic, PV array layout, Cable route layout, Cable trench layout , Module, String, AJB, SMU Positioning Layout, DC blocks layout, LT Distribution in Plant , AC power evacuation Layout.


(a.)To carry out Cost Estimation as per project’s scope of work , toprovide techno commercial offer to marketing & sales team  and finally to the client . To prepare BOM as per technical details and designs, to prepare proposals and quotations.

(b.) To crosscheck the techno commercial viability by doing the financial analysis like : Net Present Value (NPV) , Internal rate of return (IRR) etc. will give an exact ROI which gives the viability of any project.  Tie ups with DISCOM and Banks to avail soft loans to the clients will be also required.


(a.) Will be responsible for : CostAnalysis,ProductPricing& optimizingCosting. New BOM and supplier development to reduce various costs. Technical discussion and finalization/selection of vendors for Balance of System (BOS) . Identification & Selection of new vendors based on technical skills, capabilities, current capacity, scope for future expansion. Vendor development, vendor audit and interaction with supplier in adherence to the budget allocated.

  (b.) Identification & Development of Contactors : Productivity improvement, training and encouraging multi skills to subordinates. Providing technical support to the project team along with Manpower Resource Planning (MRP ) to the best possible extent. Manpower estimations and deployment preparation.Cost analysis of various bought out items and service contracts quoted by sub-vendorsand sub -contractors respectively.


(a.)  Should Maintain project schedule by monitoring project progress, coordinating activities and resolving problems at different stages of a project. Ensuringsuccessfulinstallationand commissioningoftheprojectbycoordinatingwiththe managementandtheteaminvolved. Responsible for Risk Governance.

(b.) Responsibleforsupervisionofsubcontractorperformance ofinstallation andcommissioning of projects . Preparation of departmental presentation, Progress reports and Engineering data base.

(c.) Interaction with Customer, Project Management Team, Installation & Commissioning team and Contractors for successful completion of the project. Responsible for Supervising Engineers, junior engineers & technicians. Make daily work report. Project work should be on schedule as per given time (Gantt  Chart ).

(d.) Ensuring site activities with full safety. Inspecting the work of civil and electrical contractors. Controlling all aspects of installation by implementing ISO 9001:2000 international standards and QA norms, Engineering manual and Primotech’s checklists.


(a.)  Analysing performancereportsofsolarenergygenerated onamonthly,quarterlyand annual basis. Operation & Maintenance (O&M) works allocation to O&M team. To monitor the progress for project completion and liaison with the customers for giving as well as receiving feedback. Inspectionandquality-survey a sub form of After-salesmanagement.

(b.) Providing feedback on key project issues to Department, Management team on a timely basis. Preparation of Consumption Report & Daily Progress Report of key projects.

9.)  OVERALL :

(a.)  Liaison and coordinate with MNRE / Other government bodies / Nodal agencies as required for Net Metering, plant work, to fulfil all legal compliances for PV plant  commissioning and in terms of Subsidy release procedures in the best possible way.

(b.)Should have broad understanding of various renewable energy integration measures and conventional regulations like : JNNSM ,Solar Cities  , Renewable Energy Certificates, Net Metering, Feed in Tariff, RPO , REC market, CERs, CDM.

(c.)  Coordination with cross functional teams like Operations , Procurement, , Marketing , Business Development , Audit and guide them to ensure project should get delivered fulfilling all critical parameters for utmost customer satisfaction.


Exp.: 2 years and above 

Qualification : BE / BTech / Diploma

Job Description :


·  Site analysis, feasibility study for On – Grid / Off – Grid /Hybrid power plants .

·  Hands-on experience with exceptional problem solving capabilities. Well versed in AutoCAD and MS-Office products suite.

·  Should know the types of usage of following Testing Devices like: Clamp meter, Digital Multimeter, Solar insolation Meter, Tongue tester, Earth Resistance Meter, Battery Tester, Laser Distance Meter, Phase sequence Indicator and many more …

·  In-depth knowledgeof Solar powergeneration systems,application tools,andprocedures.

·  In-depth knowledgeof testingtools, diagnostic equipment,electronics&Electrical systems.

·  Responsible for all electrical & civil works on sites.

·  Comprehensiveknowledgeofelectrical powersystems, supervisorycontrol.

2.)  AUDITS :

  • Handling the site surveys, project feasibility of the complete project.

·  Should have sound knowledge of Energy efficiency & Energy Audit.

·  Should be proficient in carrying out energy audits and preparing detailed designs and layouts in AutoCAD, load calculations.

·  Should be proficient to understand and prepare Pre-feasibility reports, Energy Audit Reports too.

·  Shadow Analysis to be done in the most accurate way.

·  Sitevisitsand collectionofelectricalandfeasibilitydataofsites.

·  Preparationofsitefeasibilityreports.

·  Site Survey for Solar PV system, Load calculation and study of geographical conditions of proposed site.

·  To measure the parameters like : Day Load , Night Load , Load Shedding , Max. Peak Load during  day ,Maximum Monthly Load , Critical Loads , Non Critical Loads , Reading of power factor , APFC is required or not , Shadow analysis ,Cost benefit analysis , along with : site measurement , roof classification , longitude, latitude , Google location , site pics ,Xerox of 1 year electricity bills, name of discom , future extension .

·  Series and parallel connection of strings , AC / DC -  Single Line Diagram , System Schematic, PV array layout, Cable route layout, Cable trench layout , Module, String, AJB, SMU Positioning Layout, DC blocks layout, LT Distribution in Plant , AC power evacuation Layout.


  • To prepare daily generation reports. To ensure that the work was completed in accordance with the project schedule and commissioning of plant on in time.
  • Identification & Development: Identification & Selection of new vendors based on technical skills, capabilities, current capacity, scope for future expansion.

·  Calculating Bill of Material (BOM) ,to prepare reports on planning & execution of work.

·  Should be proficient in carrying out energy audits and preparing detailed designs and layouts in  AutoCAD.


·  With hands on experience of design, installation and management of small to medium-scale solar power projects up to 500 KW.

·  Prepare, inspect and to integrate solar modules and remaining Balance of Systems (BOS), as prescribed in the drawing.

·  Strong experience in installation and commissioning of solar PV power plant & familiarity with DC circuitry.

  • Knowledge of power distribution and transmission systems and technical features of solar structure and other devices.
  • Load calculation from both AC &DC side, Knowledge of interconnection of PV panels and there connection to the inverter both grid tie and standalone systems.

·  Siteworkslikeassisting in routing layoutofunderground powercableslikeMV/LV,transformer, CT/PTconnectionsetc.

  • Installation of PV Solar Plant which includes civil design structure, Modules with its interconnection & testing, Laying of solar, DC & AC cables, DC Combiner Box, Inverters & Transformer installation, and Testing & commissioning of all electrical equipment’s and switchgear protection control panel system.

·  Installation and Commissioning of Electrical Power Control Panels, cables.

·  Quality Check of sites after SOLAR installation (civil, electrical & solar generation).

  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Solar PV Modules and Battery Bank.
  • Execution, Erection & commissioning of the solar power project.
  • Planning for electrical engineering activities at site.

·  Prepare, inspect and to integrate solar modules and remaining Balance of Systems (BOS), as prescribed in the drawing.

·  Monitor installation as per drawing, work planning for day, for week. To prepare a list of required material.



Coordination for arrangement of manpower, material & machine at site.

Managed, supervised and to lead the team of Technicians, Contractors and materials at site.

l  Installation,Testingandcommissioningsupervisionmanaginga teamof4-5technicians. Feedback on major problems, ensure corrective actions & ensure proactive approach to prevent mistakes.

To keep close monitoring of all gadgets at the site of HT,LT panels , ACDB, DCDB & SCADA, RMU.

l  Testing and rectification of strings and solar Invertors.

l  Co-ordinate field Engineers and vendors.

Project coordination, planning & material management.

l  Co-ordination with other departments and Head Office regarding progress of the project.

l  Should have good knowledge of Project coordination, planning & material management.

Should be responsible and accountable for selection of contractors.

l  Field technical support engineering expertise.

l  Improving procedures for better performance and greater safety of persons and property.

l  Co-ordination with other departments and Head Office regarding progress of the project.

l  Co-ordinate multiple technicians and vendor team.

Quality Check of sites after SOLAR installation (civil, electrical, connections, array, junction box & solar generation).

l  Worked for technical support assistance with site project team.

l  Coordination for arrangement of manpower, material & machine at site.

l  Coordinate between labour, vendor, third party person,material,tool,machine on time.

l  Coordinate with other teams and department for smooth operations of the site.

l  Sitesurveyreportandmaterialindentapprovalaspersurveyforeffectiveresource managementanddeliveryandexecutionschedulemaintenance.


·  To handle Operation & Maintenance activity at the site.

·  To maintain records of errors and breakdown of machines at the site

·  Should be able to handle the O&M activities at the site.

·  Prepare monthly reports of services & maintenance.

·  Preparing daily report of power generation of all sites on excel.

·  Assisted electricians with installation and repairs of panels, circuit breakers, meters, and troubleshooting.

·  Skilled in identifyingissuesandin providingrecommendations tosolvethesame i.e. CRMsupport.

·  Testing and rectification of strings and solar Invertors.

·  Escalate all critical/major outages, faults to the upper management for early resolution

·  Prepare monthly reports of services & maintenance .


InstallationofSolarHomeLightingSystem,SolarStreetlightingSystems ,Solar Water Heaters .

Installation & commissioning of SOLAR, UPS and Battery on roofs for ATM and Petrol Pumps, electrical and civil on sites with vendor team.

Survey of new Telecom sites for takeover (Airtel and Idea), ATM and Petrol Pump.

l  Maintain all documents related to installation of solar power packs, fans, light fixtures, plugs, switches, control circuits and electrical appliances in residential and commercial sites.

l  Soil testing of solar PV area and pull out test for civil design ram/ pile post.

l  Total station marking for ramming/pile/open foundation for column-post and civil foundation of Inverter stations & Control room.


  Exp.: 2 years and above.

  Qualification: B.E/B.Tech (Electrical/Electronics), relevant (graduation / post-  graduation)

Job Description :

1.)  Should be capable of carrying out:  technical calculations for a diverse portfolio like:

Solar Power Plants ( On grid , Off grid , Hybrid ) , Solar Water Heaters ( ETC , FPC ) , Solar Modules ,Solar Management Units (SMU) , Solar inverters , Solar UPS , Solar Batteries , Solar charge controllers , Solar Home Lighting Systems , Solar Lanterns , Solar refrigerators , Solar Cookers , Solar Fans ( Pedestal , Ceiling , Table ) , Solar water pumping solutions , ACDB , DCDB , DC cables , AC cables , Automatic Power factor Correction Circuit (APFC ) , Earthing solution  and many more.

2.)  Should be well versed with the techno commercial analysis, Cost benefit and ROI analysis of each and every customized solution for the client.

3.)  Should be able to formulate unique case studies as per different solar products.

4.)  Should know the types of usage of following Testing Devices: Clamp meter, Digital Multimeter, Solar insolation Meter, Tongue tester, Earth Resistance Meter, Battery Tester, Laser Distance Meter, Phase sequence Indicator and many more .

5.)  Should be well versed with technical specifications wrt MNRE, Nodal Agencies or anything specific related to any organization.

6.)  Should be proficient in marking the requirements from the clients, checking the techno commercial viability by marking the same to procurement manager and then need to send the requisite techno commercial offer to the client .

7.)  The whole viabiity in terms of ROI and technical working ( efficiency ) is the wholesome responsibility to the best possible extent. 

8.)  Should have a good knowledge of other Solar solutions like : solar lantern, solar street light, Solar water pump ,Solar Inverter, Solar battery and many more which do have a sound demand across India .