Primo Tech Energy

Core Values


To be a globally recognized organization that provides innovative, cost effective and the best green energy solutions to our customers.


To continually strive to provide the highest quality, most reliable  and affordable green energy products and services  globally by applying our scientific, technical and management expertise for the benefit of people and the planet.


Customer is at centre for what we do. We enhance value to customer by innovating high performance solar products and “build in” industry-leading quality consistently. We strive continually to improve customer satisfaction.


INTEGRITY: We work with highest ethical standards and demonstrate a behaviour that is honest, decent and fair. We are dedicated to the highest levels of personal and institutional integrity.

INNOVATION: We constantly support development of newer technologies, products, improved processes, better services and management practices.

COMMITMENT: We set high performance standards for ourselves as individuals and our teams. We honour our commitments in a timely manner.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to deliver and demonstrate excellence in whatever we do.

TEAM WORK: We work together as a team to provide the best solutions and services to our customers. Through quality relationships with all stakeholders we deliver value to our customers.


Our clients should know us, as a solution provider, they can trust on technology ,which will lead them to the future. Our system is based on our client’s actual needs, not the wants ,  latest industry fad or buzzword. We offer solutions that make sense for our customers, now and in the future.